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Where is the 15 day free Pro trial?

globetrotterdk says:
I haven't used RTM very much, but it has grabbed my interest again in connection with trying to find an appropriate task manager for my iPhone. I would like to try the RTM iPhone app, but as it requires RTM Pro, I have been trying to find the link to the 15 day free RTM Pro trial to test the iPhone app, but the link seems to have disappeared from the RTM website.

Please bring the 15 day free Pro trial back.
Posted at 4:50pm on November 12, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi globetrotterdk,

It's still there -- nothing has changed. :)

Full details are in the iPhone FAQ under "How do I start the 15 day free trial?".

Just download and login to the app to start the trial.

Hope this helps!
Posted 11 years ago
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