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Publish All Events iCalendar link to Google Calendar

e_sloan says:
I am using busy sync to sync my subscribed calendars to my iphone. I have been able to sync all my subscribed calendars sucessfully except for remember the milk. I have an Idea of what is causing the problem, but I have tried every solution I can think of. Maybe someone here has an idea.

I cannot add the iCalendar Events Service (All Events) iCalendar to my google calendar, It always comes back with "could not fetch URL" I believe this is because it cannot verify the login/password which iCal requires. So how do I either make all my calendars public so it can be subscribed to via google cals, or how do I enable google calendars to login to fetch the proper info.

The google calendar plugin is not an option as it does not sync properly with the iCal / iPhone setup..
Posted at 5:11am on November 12, 2008
arvid says:
hi e_sloan,

could you try the steps as listed here?

Hope this helps!

Posted 11 years ago
e_sloan says:
I understand how this works, but I want to publish my entire events lists listed under the settings tab. I tried publishing all my lists individually and can subscribe to them individually no problem, but still cannot subscribe to the entire list as one.
Posted 11 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi e_sloan,

Only individual lists are available via private addresses (required for Google Calendar to access your tasks) -- the "all tasks" iCalendar feed won't work for this.

There is a workaround, if you do wish to have all your tasks accessible via a private address. You can create an 'All Tasks' list by searching for all tasks (just leave the search box blank) and then creating a Smart List (click on the 'Save' tab). You can then subscribe to the iCalendar (Event) feed for that Smart List.

Hope this helps!
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
I am a bit disappointed that there is no obvious (on the site) and straightforward way for your RTM tasks -- all them them -- to appear -- with the time estimates intact -- in your Google Calendar. Not as a to-do list that appears as a mystery icon above each day, but as events with the dates, times, and duration that has been set. I'm sure it is possible, and once I fish through the workarounds and iCalendar links, I guess I'll get to it. Everything else about this app has been great; this is a major irritant.
Posted 11 years ago
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