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More badge icons

veinor says:
One of my favorite features of iProcrastinate for the iPhone was that I could set its badge to display the number of tasks due in the next n days. This'd be greatly appreciated if you could implement it, as I don't like not realizing I have homework until the day it's due ;)
Posted at 4:28am on November 12, 2008
arvid says:
hi veinor,

You can choose to have the app badge (the round red icon show on the app's icon) show:

* Nothing (this is the default)
* Number of tasks due today
* Number of incomplete tasks

To change your preference:

1. Navigate to the Settings screen (by tapping its icon in the bottom bar, or its item underneath More).
2. Tap the App Badge field and select your preference.
3. Tap Settings to return to the previous screen.

Important note! The app badge can only be updated after launching the app; please do not rely on the task number in the badge being always up-to-date for this reason.

Posted 11 years ago
tahudson says:
I really want to use the 'Number of incomplete tasks' badge but my problem is that I have a lot of tasks in my Someday lists and I don't want them to be included (I want a way to see the number of 'Next Actions').

If there was a way to 'check' the folders/smartfolders you wanted the badge to use (or better yet, check the folders the badge should ignore) then this would mean the number on the home screen would be reasonable and would inspire me to open the App up more often and Get Things Done!

Posted 11 years ago
veinor says:
Arvid, I know I can change it that way, but I want to be able to change it to "Number of tasks due within the next n days" where n is some user-configurable number. Or even better, "number of tasks due in a certain smart folder."
Posted 11 years ago
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