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Automaic Google Calendar reminders (by email) in RTM ?

(closed account) says:

I was try to setup my Google Calendar appointments to be added to RTM by setting up my RTM Inbox email id as the reminder email in Google Calendar. RTM is able add the task in my tasks but, the summary,due date and description and not imported correctly.

In this way i can keep my appointments separate from my tasks and they get added to my tasks automatically as the date is approching.

It would be nice if there is a way to set it up for the major calenders like Google, Yahoo, MSN.

Posted at 7:20pm on November 10, 2008
(closed account) says:
Any Help on this ?
Posted 11 years ago
magnoliasouth says:
It's probably syntax related and you might want to read this to see what I mean:

In other words, when it forwards gCal isn't adding the required way to add things to RTM such as Due: OR D:, etc.

For what it's worth that is a fantastic idea! Perhaps in your gCal notes you can add it the way RTM wants it, so when it does get sent it might pick that up. Have you tried that?
Posted 11 years ago
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