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BB sync / outlook due date and time weirdness

jgirard says:
I'm using rmilk for blackberry. Since the bb automatically syncs with outlook wirelessly, its a convenient way to get all of my outlook tasks synched with rmilk.

However, I'm getting some odd behavior. If I have an outlook task that is set to be due, say, 11/15, when I sync the bb with rmilk, the due date in rmilk becomes 11/15 at 10:00pm. Likewise, if I set the due date in rmilk to be just 11/15, I get erratic behavior when it syncs back to the bb and outlook (for instance, will put the due date on 11/14 in outlook instead of 11/15).

Any thoughts?

Posted at 3:27pm on November 10, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jgirard,

It might be worth double checking to make sure that your timezone setting in RTM matches your system timezone on any computers where you use the site, as well as your BlackBerry device. (It's also important to check the location of the timezone to make sure that they match.)

If the problem continues, please feel free to submit a MilkSync for BlackBerry issue report (if you haven't done so already) and we'll see if this can be tracked down further.

Posted 11 years ago
jgirard says:
I thought about that -- and all of the timezone info is the same between rmilk, outlook (computer) and blackberry.. thanks for the response, I have submitted an issue report as well.
Posted 11 years ago
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