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App crashing when selecting 'complete'

johnwin says:
Great app :^)

I'm having one problem though:

In the main lists (Today, Tomorrow, This week etc) the swipe and mark complete works just fine. But if I select one of the 'More' lists (Location, Nearby) I can swipe a task but when I press the 'Complete' button the screen goes black for a second and I get dumped back to the apps page. When I relaunch RTM the app is still showing as active.
Posted at 3:47pm on November 7, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi johnwin,

Sorry to hear about the crashing! :(

It would be great if you'd be able to submit an issue report via our support system, if you haven't done so already -- we'd love to investigate this further and see what's happening.

Posted 11 years ago
johnwin says:
emily - to my shame I did not read the forum instructions! One I did I submitted a report and Arvid is working through the issue for/with me. Thanks John
Posted 11 years ago
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