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Feeds are public?

mkamp says:

I read and still don't get it.

Let me rephrase what I understood. All my items, no matter how private, will be public? Right? Anybody who knows my username can access them by subscribing to the atom feed?

Posted at 6:13pm on January 27, 2006
mkamp says:
Update: Ok, I've seen that there is also a number assigned to the feed, but that is still not secure.
Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
If your lists are private, then your password is required to access the feeds and the feeds are only accessible via HTTPS (i.e. the feeds are sent encrypted).

Your lists are automatically private unless you publish them. From the help page:

'Your Atom feed for a list will be accessible by others if you choose to publish that list.'

Some online aggregator services give you the option of making your feeds public on the aggregator's website. If you're using an online aggregator, you should check your settings to make sure that your feeds are not being shown in your profile on their website. I'm not sure if the confusion came from this part of the help page, but I'll try to make things clearer in the help section.

Hope this helps!
Posted 12 years ago
mkamp says:

thanks. I was confused because I could access the feeds without entering a username/password. But I found out that this seems to be related with my session and when using a different, not logged in, browser it doesn't display my items anymore.

Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Yes, if you're logged in then you'll be able to view in the feeds in your browser.

Thanks for letting me know!
Posted 12 years ago
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