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RTM Icon Status

mabus says:
Not certain what it is called, but many apps update their icon with a status number. For email it's the number of unread items.

Can we get this feature for RTM? I am thinking the number of tasks due today / overdue.
Posted at 6:17pm on November 6, 2008
mystwillow says:
What you're talking about is called a badge, and the app already has this built in. It's in Settings under "App Badge". You can choose between "Tasks Due Today" or "Incomplete Tasks".

You didn't think the RTM team would have forgotten that feature, did you? ;)
Posted 11 years ago
peckao says:
The problem is badge is updated only if you open the application.
I would like to see the badge to be automaticaly updated after midnight.
Posted 11 years ago
johnmsch says:
Since the app can't run in the background on the iPhone, there is currently no way to do this. This is the same reason RTM can't do alarms yet.
Posted 11 years ago
sandrus says:
It would be nice, if there are more options to choose from.

I have a smart list called "ToDo". I only want to display the tasks from this list.

I think this would be a great additional feature.
Posted 11 years ago
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