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Repeating Shared Tasks

asierek says:
If I share a repeating task, only the first occurence of the task is shared. All following occurences are not shared any more. This may be intended by the developer but I would prefer to have all future occurences of a shared repeating task shared, too.

When I share the second occurence of a repeating task again, remember the milk tells me: 'Sharing of .... Done.' but in the task description box it says: 'Sharing with: no one' and the person I shared with does not receive the task in her Inbox list either. Strange as it is this is true for tasks repeating every Sunday but not for tasks repeating after a day. This is truly a confusing bug.
Posted at 2:38pm on January 27, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for reporting this! We'll check into it, as sharing a repeating task should share all instances of that task.
Posted 12 years ago
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