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Can I use MilkSync for BlackBerry withOUT internet

batjoro says:
I just bought the MilkSync for Blackberry Curve. I downloaded the application and I want to use it without internet.

Anyway, when I want to Sync, it tells me it cannot find my internet connection. Can I sync my task without internet connection on my Blackberry ?

Posted at 8:21pm on November 5, 2008
jnievele says:
What do you mean, "without Internet connection"? The Blackberry will need to connect to RTM somehow ;-)

Or dou you mean "With only a BES connection, but without a direct Internet link" - that would interest me as well, as we force our Blackberry users to go through BES instead of allowing them to connect to the Internet directly from their Blackberry.
Posted 10 years ago
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