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Does the iPhone app have a reminder feature?

pierre.jpmc says:
I saw that app announcement in the blog and I am very excited.
I am not a pro user but I use RTM at home and at work.
I am literally that close to getting a pro account in order to enjoy RTM on the iPhone.

One question though: Does the iPhone app have a reminder (an alarm) that you can set for tasks? Like on the Palm OS, since years.

I am not interested in emails, SMS or IM. These are fine for other people but I need a reliable internal iPhone alarm that I can trust.

If this feature exist or if it is planned, I think I'll just make the jump and get myself a Pro account.
Posted at 3:17pm on November 5, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi pierre.jpmc,

Unfortunately third-party apps currently cannot run in the background on the iPhone or iPod touch. :(

To support reminder alerts, the app would need to constantly run on your device and check your tasks to know when to pop up an alert (right now once you exit the app, it stops running altogether).

While we're waiting on Apple to offer a solution that may make reminder alerts possible in the future, the only option is the email, IM, or SMS reminders, sorry.

Hope this helps.
Posted 10 years ago
pierre.jpmc says:
Thank you for the fast reply.
I'm still tempted :)
Posted 10 years ago
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