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Gmail Gadget for Google Apps?

mchapple says:
Is it possible to get the gadget installed in Gmail-hosted domains? I don't have a Labs tab.
Posted at 1:00pm on November 5, 2008
nollsch says:
Yes. I use it (and other Labs features) on my GApps domain. I don't know for sure, but may need to enable a setting (see below) for Labs access:

Under your Google Apps settings, you may need to enable:

"Turn on new features (like group chat or colored labels)

Turn on new features in this domain when they are launched to Google consumers (before Google supports them for organizations using Google Apps). Learn more"
Posted 10 years ago
mchapple says:
I tried that, but it never appeared. I am using the free version of Google Apps. Are you using the paid version?
Posted 10 years ago
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