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Date Issues

cathibanks says:
Hello! I access RTM from several different places. I am having issues with different tasks showing different due dates on different computers.

Let's take for instance my task called "upload kid pics". On my work computer (IE6, Win2K) that task shows with a due date of today. On my beloved macbook (either on Firefox 3 or Safari 3.1) that same task doesn't show up on today's list but rather shows a due date of tomorrow.

The system dates (and the date displayed on the upper right hand of RTM ) are the same on both machines. I do have the settings set correctly (America - Chicago).

This is annoying because I can't rely on my task lists.

Is this a bug?
Posted at 7:21pm on October 29, 2008
cathibanks says:
More information. I sent a "test" task via the mobile site with a due date of today.

On my windows machine in Internet Explorer that task shows up with due date of yesterday. On the Mac it shows properly with a due date today.

Then I sent another test task from the Mac. Again, the windows machine showed it with a due date of yesterday. The mac and the mobile both showed the task properly.

So, it appears that the problem is with the windows machine...BUT WHAT IS IT??
Posted 10 years ago
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