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Tweak subject line?

ishtiaq says:
I think I may be missing something here:...My RTM emails all have only "Remember the Milk" in the subject line - which doesn't make sense really...shouldn't I be able to get the task (or some part of it) in the Subject.?
It's pretty weak seeing 5 emails turn up, all with "Remember the Milk" in the Subject. I then need to open each in turn, etc. Pretty tedious so I'm about to give it the heave-ho..
(I think the GMail extension allows this - but I cannot use Gmail in my place)

Posted at 11:10pm on October 25, 2008
ishtiaq says:
Oops - sorry for the repeat question. Just realized that the previous time I asked this I had received an apologies....

sad about the answer though...:-( .....seems it ain't possible..
Posted 10 years ago
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