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Repeating tasks in Weekly Planner

rennerocha says:
I´ve tried to create a task that will repeat every Monday and Friday until the end of the year.

I put in the Repeat field 'Every Monday, Friday until 31/12/2008 (trying to follow the examples in 'Learn More' page), but when I open the 'Weekly Planner', I can´t see the tasks. What am I doing wrong???

Thanks for your help.
Posted at 5:34pm on October 22, 2008
ranbarton Power Poster says:
You may find that creating two different tasks (one for every Monday and one for every Friday) results in the weekly planner showing what you're after.

Have you also assigned a due date to the task, in addition to a recurrence?
Posted 11 years ago
rennerocha says:
I don´t think it´s productive to have to create a task for each day I would like it repeats. Maybe it´s a 'bug' in RTM.

I've created a task:
Due: Fri 24 Oct 08
Repeat: every Monday, Wednesday, Friday until 24 Nov 08

An it appears in my weekly planner in the right days, but I am no certain that it will work until 24 Nov 08.

As it seems to work, I tried another task:
Due: Thu 23 Oct 08
Repeat: every 1 day until 24 Oct 08

And it doesn´t work, in the weekly planner the task appear just on Friday 24 Oct.

If I change to 'until 28 Oct 08' it works. I think the repeat feature of RTM isn´t working well!
Posted 11 years ago
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