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Had a problem to pay for a pro account says:
Hi, all. I live in China and want to buy the pro account. Unfortunately, when I registered paypal with my info in China, my payment was rejected and the error went like this - the recepient is not able to receive foreign currency (this is my translation).

I think paypal assume I am going to pay in RMB instead of USD。 Although I can pay USD through my credit card, and I did pay several times before, Paypal would not allow so.

Anyone had any idea what to do on this? Is it all right to provide faked info about myself just to fool around the stupid Paypal system?

I would love to hear from you and if there's a solution, please nicely give me a reminder to my email Thanks a lot.
Posted at 3:30pm on October 20, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Would it be possible to submit an issue report via our support system?

We'll see if we can figure this out.

Thanks! :)
Posted 11 years ago says:
I did. Looking forward to hearing from u soon....
Posted 11 years ago
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