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Redirection to overview

moonaa says:
Hi, I've seen a couple of old post regarding this.

Everytime I go in Settings - List for example, the page redirect to the overview.

I use IE7 on Vista. My anti-virus is Avast! . I cleaned the cache, close my browser and tried to log in again, but still the same problem. I also tried without success.

Can you help?

Posted at 1:18am on October 17, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi moonaa,

To determine if Avast is causing this issue, would it be possible to add to any white lists that this software has, and see if this helps?

If it continues, it may even be worth temporarily disabling the software and loading RTM, just to double check the software isn't causing the issue.

Posted 11 years ago
moonaa says:

I tried addind in Avast white list, without success. I even disable completely Avast, but still not working. I lower my security settings in IE7, and add RMT to the safe site list but still no chance.

I decided to download Firefox... I've been using RTM for a week now at work and it is so great, I can't live without it now! Bye bye post-its! With Firefox it's working like a charm at home also.

Anyway, I would love to correct the problem on IE7, if you have any other ideas, they are welcome,

Thank you
Posted 11 years ago
annost says:
I have the same problem. I am using IE7 and Windows XP. RTM did work for a couple of weeks ago, but then something happened and the pages are redirected all the times. Sometimes to the same page and sometimes to the another tab or to Tasks. I can't use RTM anymore from home if this problem continue and I have already started to add all my tasks here, so I miss it when I can't use it.

Could it be a virus?
Posted 11 years ago
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