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Google Calendar Troubleshooting: a 2nd potential Private URL problem

wernst says:
OK, here's another thing I've discovered.

Private URLs may not be working with the iCal feeds.

I made two iCal (event) feeds for testing. They both have the same two events, but they have two different URLs.

Even though private URLs is turned "On" (and I've clicked the "Reset Private URLs" link many times) Sunbird is demanding my RTM login and password whenever it tries to access these two new testing iCal (event) URLs.

Again, here are the URLs: they SHOULD be available to anyone to view in any program:




If I add these to Sunbird, I get the following prompt from Sunbird:

"Enter username and password for "RememberTheMilk iCalendar Service" at"

and then I'm prompted for a username and password. Only if I enter my RTM login and password will sunbird accept the feed.

I am guessing this is related to why GCal is not able to import the first feed in this post at all, and why it isn't updating the second feed at all.

My initial goal of this was to make some test iCal (event) feeds, put some events that I didn't care if the whole world saw, and then post them on the GCal forums and ask them why they weren't working.

At this point, I must conclude that they aren't working because something is messed up on the RTM side.

So, Emily and other RTM folks, can you look into this specific example and get back to me?

You can email me directly for more info.

Posted at 9:02pm on October 14, 2008
wernst says:
BTW, I already have two iCal (event) feeds from this same RTM account that work in Sunbird WITHOUT a login/password prompt.

Private URLs are supposed to be an "All" or "Nothing" setting, right? How can it even be possible for me to have some iCal (event) feeds that require a login and some that don't? Unless something is wrong over at the RTM side, I think.

Posted 11 years ago
wernst says:
Hmm, I've just reread the Help page, and learned that the "Reset Private URLs" link changes all the existing, long iCal (event) URL feeds to a new set of random letters and numbers.

Whoops. That throws off my troubleshooting. Let's try this again...

I'll report back.
Posted 11 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi wernst,

Yup, resetting the private URLs will make any previous private URL inaccessible.

Please do let us know if you experience any further problems with the iCalendar feeds -- we would love to check this out.

Posted 11 years ago
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