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Overdue tasks... and lots of them

bookchiq says:
Starting sometime mid-today, all of my tasks with due dates are displaying as overdue, even as they show a due date in the future. When I attempt to select all tasks due today, no tasks are selected; when I select overdue tasks, all tasks are selected. Mousing over the tasks reveals their different, future due dates.

I'm using Firefox 1.5 on Windows 2000. Happy to provide any information which might help solve this; just tell me what I can tell you.

Posted at 2:55am on January 26, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Sarah, can you please email us at [old address removed] with the names of some of the tasks that have this problem, and the lists that they're in? We can look into this further on our end.

Posted 12 years ago
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