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Tasks fail to display

nabilalk says:
This morning tasks in gmail are no longer consistently displaying. When I log out of RTM from the Gmail firefox extension, and log back in, sometimes the tasks display, and sometimes they don't. I have never had this problem with RTM and have been using it for 6+months.

I have attempted to restart FF, reinstall the RTM addon, log out of Gmail and RTM, and restart the computer. Any ideas what is causing this? Thank you.

Posted at 8:12pm on October 13, 2008
nabilalk says:
I like how my topic has zero replies, when another poster has the same issue with over 90 replies. Where is the love?
Posted 11 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
For anyone who experiences an issue like this, please run through our troubleshooting steps (if it doesn't solve the problem, there's an opportunity to report the issue to us).

The most important one is to check for filtered tasks.

Please check to make sure that you're not filtering your tasks (e.g., only showing a particular list). This option is shown directly underneath the 'Add task' field at the top of Remember The Milk for Gmail. If you're showing all your tasks, it should say 'Set task view here'; if you're not showing all your tasks, you can click the arrow and change the option here.

Hope this helps!
Posted 11 years ago
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