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Fee based version

jason.pace says:
Let me say how much I am enjoying this app.

As I begin to rely more and more on it, I worry that the fact that it is free may somehow compromise it's existence at some point.

I would not mind paying a small monthly fee for this service, or at least would like the ability to offer a donation to it's creators to subsidize the cost of operation.

Perhaps when it's out of Beta a "premium" version will be available that has more features.

The last thing I want is to structure my life around this app and have it disappear.

I appreciate free in order to try something...but I don't think anyone really expects something this valuable to be free forever.
Posted at 8:37pm on January 25, 2006
tequanne says:
I hope it will be free.
Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Jason, we're glad you find it so valuable!

We plan to keep Remember The Milk free, but it's always good to hear people think it's a service worth paying money for :)

Even though the service has only been public for a few months, we've been working on Remember The Milk since August 2004, so we don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon :)
Posted 12 years ago
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