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remember the milk in German ?!

marenn says:
Hello all users,

I would like to use "remember the milk" but nearly everything is in English, that is very hard for me !
On the top, I took "Geman" as language, but only the topics:
"Willkommen/Starseite/Erfahren Sie mehr/Registrieren/Blog und Hilfe" is in German.

So please - can you help me ?!
Is it possible so change it ?

Yours sincerely


Posted at 5:22pm on October 12, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi marenn,

Currently only the web application itself is available in German, sorry; most of the rest of the site (including help pages, etc) are only in English at this time.

Once you login to the web app, if it isn't automatically displayed in German, you can change your language setting on the Settings screen.

Hope this helps!
Posted 11 years ago
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