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GMail displaying due dates off by one day

jleyser says:
I have due dates for (almost) all my tasks. GMail is adding a day to every due date! This appears to be a display problem only, as the dates appear correctly in the RTM Web client.

Gmail is also grouping things wrong. I'm posting this on Oct 7th. I have a task "Pickup Book at Library" with RTM Web client shows as due today, the 7th. RTM for Gmail is showing this as due Oct 8th, but is also listing this in the "today" section of the to do list!

Is there a setting somewhere I've got wrong?
Posted at 8:40pm on October 7, 2008
jleyser says:
Found it! I had my time zone set incorrect in RTM.

Mods, you can just delete this thread if you like.
Posted 10 years ago
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