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Tags missing from the tag cloud

rigel says:
I've noticed that tags I have created but aren't on any currently active tasks don't show up in my tag cloud. Is that intended? If not, is there a setting I can change or something else I can do to make it show up?

- S.
Posted at 4:59am on October 7, 2008
arvid says:
Hi rigel,

unfortunately this is not possible. The Task Cloud appears on the Overview screen. It's a visual depiction of your task lists. Lists with more tasks will be displayed in larger font. The priorities and due dates of tasks in each list are also taken into consideration (i.e. lists with more high priority tasks or tasks due sooner will display larger relative to those with low priority tasks or tasks due later).

If you tag or locate your tasks, tags and locations will also display in the Task Cloud in much the same ways as lists (tag and location names are blue, while list names are grey).

Posted 10 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
You could make a fake task with all the tags you use. By never completing it the tags will remain in the tag cloud forever.
Posted 10 years ago
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