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Problem Creating Month Overview of Tasks

ebeard says:
I have set up tasks to remind me what category I want to post to in my blog each day. Some of the entries recur weekly, some recur every two weeks. I tagged each entry with the word "post".

I tried a Seach on all posts tagged with "post", and asked for all tasks due "within one month of today". All the search returns is today's task, and tomorrow's. I am certain that all posts are tagged "post". What I want is a overall listing for a month, to make sure all the recurring tasks are set up correctly. Any way to do this?
Posted at 1:51pm on October 6, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi ebeard,

Not sure if you've tried this already, but does something like this work?

tag:post AND dueWithin:"1 month"
Posted 10 years ago
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