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How do you delete Smart Tabs? says:
Smart tab system is baffeling. I created two smart tabs trying to learn how to use them. Now I want to delete these tabs from my Task Page. Can anyone help? Thanks, Don
Posted at 9:38pm on October 5, 2008
arvid says:

Click on 'Settings' at the top of the page.
Click on the 'Lists' tab.
Select the Smart List(s) that you wish to delete.
Click on 'More Actions...'.
Select 'Delete' from the dropdown.
The selected Smart List(s) will be removed.
The status box gives the opportunity to undo the deletion.


Posted 10 years ago says:
I know that this sounds easy, but when I click on Settings, only the one list I have comes up. The two tabs that I want to delete do not show anywhere.
Posted 10 years ago
arvid says:
Hi don,

can you submit a support request? Then we can request a screenshot so we can see where it is going wrong.


Posted 10 years ago
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