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Any search that tries to get "completed" and "not completed" tasks together on one list does not wor

okolnost says:
Whatever search I try, it just does not work. :-(
What I want to achieve right now is to having a list where all overdue tasks are shown, tasks for next few days as well (so I know what I am to do), but with completed tasks for last few days (so I dont lose task I have just completed and have feeling I accomplished something lately).
This all would be great if sorted as:
- completed first by date
- then incomplete by date and (if same date and no time) priority

I do not expect sorting to be working exactly this way (there is no such feature on RTM right now, I think), but even search does not work. I can still be fine with search as I described being sorted by date and priority (this sorting works fine for me).
Posted at 2:37pm on October 4, 2008
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
You can't see both completed and uncomplete tasks at the same time in RTM (as things are now).
Posted 10 years ago
okolnost says:
Could someone please put this information somewhere into "Search" and "Advanced search" help topics?
Posted 10 years ago
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