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Can‘t use Locations in Simplified Chinese

lamueno says:
Due to the local laws, Google established a Chinese version of Google map, which is known as When I was using the Locations function in RTM, I can only pick locations in, which does not have much info about China and I cannot search places in Chinese. But we can do all these in

So ,I wonder if Locations would replace with when Simplified Chinese as my language in RTM, so that I can use the Locations function. It's quite easy, just change "map" into "ditu", and it will help me a lot.

Posted at 3:24pm on October 3, 2008
lamueno says:
So, I've posted this question for 4 days and still have got even a reply?
Posted 10 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi lamueno,

I apologise for the delay.

We use the Google Maps API for our Locations feature.

The coverage available in the Google Maps API varies from country to country, but the Google Maps team is constantly adding new map data and increasing the international coverage available. You can view a spreadsheet with the latest coverage details to see which maps are available -- unfortunately it doesn't seem like the localized maps are available for China at this time. :(

Hope this helps.
Posted 10 years ago
lamueno says:
Hi emily,

Thanks a lot for your reply and the spreadsheet

As I've said in the previous post, Google has established a Chinese version of map service: other than add localized maps directly into the Google Maps and Google has also announced the API for the Chinese maps:

So, I still wonder if RTM could make a judgment before invoking the API, that is, if the language is Chinese then we use the Chinese API, otherwise we use the original API.

I really like RTM and I believe my suggestion will be seriously considered.

Hope for your reply.
Posted 10 years ago
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