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Think i found a bug (email task ---> time)

yu174477 says:
Everytime I send a task from email,

(Subject: Blah blah

D: or Due:today at 3 pm)

as in the above example, when i go back to RTM page online and check if task came through, things are dandy except for the time. It will always show the due time as one hour later then i entered in email. So instead of Blah Blah due at 3, the main RTM page will show 4pm. Happens everytime.

Am i doing something wrong? pls help

Posted at 1:57pm on October 3, 2008
arvid says:

make sure the timezones are matching. To check this;

click on 'Settings' at the top of the page.
Click on the 'General' tab.
Locate the 'Timezone' option, and choose the appropriate setting.
Click the 'Save Changes' button.

Posted 10 years ago
yu174477 says:
thanks very much arvid. you were right. my time zone wasn't correct. now it works!.

Posted 10 years ago
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