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Chrome gears doesn't update the task list

sumek says:
I enabled Gears in Google Chrome and the task list is not updated no matter if I set online of offline mode. How can I fix it? I'm ruuning dev edition of Chrome on WinXP
Posted at 12:32pm on October 2, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi sumek,

Would it be possible to submit a Gears issue report?

While Chrome isn't an 'officially' supported browser for RTM yet, we'd love to get more details about the problem that you're experiencing so that we can check it out.

Posted 10 years ago
theboozes says:
I'm having the same problem. I created two "smart lists" on my computer at home and they do NOT show up when I access RTM from work. I don't think the task lists match either.

Now if I bring up RTM in Firefox at work I do see the smart lists I created at home. Weird... guess I'll stick to FF for now, but I'd love to get it working with Chrome!

Posted 10 years ago
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