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Change the from email address for SMS reminders

shane.becker says:
Is there a way to customise the 'from email address' for mobile email to SMS? (i.e. to change it from to

I signed up for an Email to SMS service as no free or RTM ones are available where I live.

I set it all up in RTM. When I tried to add in my email whitelist I got this errror: "The address is already in use".

If I was able to customise the from email address to '' this wouldn't be a problem.

Any solutions? Can this be customised somehow?
Posted at 8:49am on September 22, 2008
arvid says:
Hi shane,

at the moment we don't offer this feature. You can always post it in the ideas forum to get input from others as well.

But when the email address is already in the whitelist, there should be no problem at all to receive emails from that address, or not?

Maybe I am missing the problem.


Posted 10 years ago
shane.becker says:
Thanks Arvid,

The problem with the Email to SMS service provider. Only one person can enter the email address into their whitelist. Once they've done that email coming in from that address will be handled by their account alone (i.e. sent to their mobile). No one else can access email from that address.

So, if my reminders come in from '' the system will check whose account has that email in their whitelist and send it to their mobile or cause the reminder to bounce (depending on their setup).

In short, only one person using their service gets to use it for RTM!

Posted 10 years ago
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