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Legal punctuation for tag names?

gwsyzygy says:
I have tried a variety of punctuation to start my tags (to "categorize" them), but most are simply ignored by RTM. For instance, all the following tags were "reduced" to 2.0:

*2.0, =2.0, ]2.0, >2.0, ^2.0, !2.0, &2.0 (& popped the tag list, good to know....)

.2.0 (dot) works, and -2.0 (dash) works, but Im already using . and - for other groupings....

Can someone please post a list of legitimate starting characters (tired of guessing), and can we open discussion on making more symbols valid?
Posted at 3:43pm on September 19, 2008
gwsyzygy says:
Addendum .. & does not pop the tag list .. just seemed to for a minute.

The only keyboard symbols (unless I missed one or two) that seem to work are:
. (dot) - (dash) _ (underscore) @ (at)

Did not venture beyond std 105 US QWERTY keys ...
Posted 10 years ago
dme says:
Looks like you missed one, you missed the plus sign: ``+''


Posted 10 years ago
dme says:
I forgot to say:

I think RTM would benefit from having not only more non-alphanumeric chars, but recognizing the CaSE of characters typed--or at least having a facility for supporting chars as typed--maybe even support alternatives:

Search for text As Typed
consider Upper CASE and lower case to the equivalent for searching and sorting.

Posted 10 years ago
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