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Odd behavior with complex search term for Smartlist

lwallach says:
I have a smartlist that is supposed to pick up any tags that aren't tagged according to my system. It's a fairly complex query, but the odd thing is that it works sometimes and not others. Specifically, it has worked for most of the tasks that I currently have, but for some tasks it doesn't work. I can't exactly figure out the issue, but perhaps it's a bug? Here's the search term:

Searched for: (not(list:inbox) and not(tag:project) and not(tag:tickler) and not(tag:calendar) and not(tag:wait) and not(tag:project) and not(tag:nextaction) and not(tag:someday)) or (not(list:inbox) and not(tag:project) and not(tag:someday) and not(tag:wait) and not(timeEstimate:"> 0")) or (not(list:inbox) and not(tag:project) and not(tag:someday) and not(tag:wait) and not(tagContains:"@@")) or ((tag:tickler or tag:calendar) and due:never) or (not(tag:tickler or tag:calendar) and no(due:never)) or (tag:nextaction and not(tag:@call or tag:@web or tag:@errand or tag:@home or tag:@work))

When I tag something with wait but don't tag it with anything else (aside from an @context), it shouldn't show up in this list. However it does. When I remove all but the wait tag, it still is in this list, however, when I remove the task and re-add it just with the wait tag, it doesn't show up anymore! I have other tasks that have exactly the same tags (and all other fields besides the task name) and they do not show up in this smartlist. Any ideas?
Posted at 4:58pm on September 18, 2008
lwallach says:
Never mind, I found a typo! I have "no" instead of "not" in one of my clauses. Wish there was something that would tell us that there was some syntax error or something like that...
Posted 10 years ago
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