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Removing Google Calendar Service? says:
I'm trying to remove the RTM service for Google Calendar, but cannot get the removal to 'stick' in Google Calendar. I remove the 'Remember the Milk' Calendar from gCal, but every time I refresh I still get asked whether I want to add the calendar. I have also tried hiding the RTM calendar but still get the same problem. Thanks.
Posted at 4:47pm on September 9, 2008
sean.inglis says:
If you clicked on the rtm addin link from rtm, this switches to google calendar and offers to add the calendar file.

If you refresh the page from your browser it may be that you're repeating that process - if all the actions you've taken in google calendar are AJAX'y then th URL hasn't changed so the initial post complete with request to subscribe will be repeated.

If you log out and back in again, that would thwart the problem.

And if you're getting to google calendar from a bookmark, make sure it isn't the one leading from the rtm subscription link.
Posted 10 years ago
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