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Is it me ?

smithcvs says:
Is it me or is this site a nightmare? I have used the Google Calendar for some time and find it good. I expected this to be better. I find it difficult to understand this site. Don't think I will stick around for much longer.
Posted at 1:01pm on September 9, 2008
spacebear says:
This posting deserves a nice big "WTF?!"
Posted 10 years ago
kcin says:
If he or she means RTM itself I too wondered when started using it how non computer-savvy people understand the concepts. It was no problem for me, but I can imagine it is a problem for people with less experience.

I found the constantly changing sidebar (when you move the mouse) especially irritating first. (I got used to it since then).

I have the impression RTM does not target the general public, but rather professionals who can grasp its concepts easily.
Posted 10 years ago
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