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iGoogle gadget date range says:
Is it possible to configure the iGoogle gadget to show more than just this weeks tasks?

My homepage is iGoogle and I use it to plan my day first thing every morning. It would help a lot if I knew what was coming up in the next few weeks. As it stands, I'm tempted not to put any due dates on my tasks just so that i can see them in iGoogle, which is crazy!
Posted at 9:12am on September 9, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:

The iGoogle gadget will only show tasks that are due this week, overdue, or don't have a due date (if that option chosen).

It's not currently possible to show tasks that are due further than a week out. If you'd like to see this functionality in the future, please feel welcome to post this over on the Ideas forum.

Hope this helps!
Posted 9 years ago
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