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Link to Apple Mail Message URL

hhollick says:
The Apple Mail client has an underlying message URL. (Here is a good write-up about it at Daring Fireball.) Has anyone found a way to use this message URL to link an RTM task to an Apple Mail message?

I have tried many different formats of the URL with // and to no avail. I would love to figure out a way to make this work.

Many thanks,
Posted at 1:46pm on August 29, 2008
(closed account) says:
How funny -

I just spent Thursday trying to figure out a way to link a mail message to an RTM todo, but couldn't figure it out. Works perfectly with any desktop app you use, which means one single to-do system.

With RTM, I tend to "stray" to other programs because of a desire for a single to-do system.

Currently, I'm testing out MailTags & applying dates to emails, but this introduces 2 different systems (Mail & RTM). Bleh.

Currently, I'm torn between RTM which works so stinking well, and something like Things that allows me to use one system. I'm not completely happy with either at the moment, but if RTM introduced your suggestion above, I'd be all over it.
Posted 10 years ago
arvid says:
Hi hholick,

the URL field is looking for known values. message:// is an unknown Uniform Resource Locator and therefore RTM puts http:// in front of it.

Better would be to post this suggestion in the ideas forum to see whether more people support this idea.


Posted 10 years ago
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