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'Create Tasks' from More Actions drop down menu missing

ponderosatree says:
My 'More Actions' drop down menu doesn't display a "create tasks" option. I've previously been using a a tag called Task to create tasks but it's buggy. I disabled it hoping that would bring back the create tasks option in the drop down menu but no luck.

This is for Google Apps if that matters.
Posted at 5:49pm on August 26, 2008
arvid says:
Hi ponderosatree,

did you verify the settings in your Gmail account?

How do I set it to create tasks when I star or label emails?
To turn this feature on, you'll need to change your settings (by clicking on Settings in Gmail, then Tasks). You can automatically create tasks when you star emails, or label messages with a specific label, or both. With this feature, the task will also be automatically completed if you:
- 'Unstar' or remove the specific label from the message
- Reply to the message by clicking on the email icon in the task details
Posted 10 years ago
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