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"Weekly Review" search not working

andrew.burgess says:
I'm trying to create a smart list that will assist me in my weekly review. I'd like it to show all the tasks completed within the last week, as well as any incomplete tasks with a priority of 3 (my next actions). I've tried completedWithin:"1 week of Sun" OR priority:3, but this only gives me my priority 3 tasks. Just completedWithin:"1 week of Sun" shows me the tasks I want for that part, and so does priority:3, but they don't work together. I've tried rearranging the search terms, played with AND, OR, and parentheses, but nothing works. Any Ideas?
Posted at 6:30pm on August 23, 2008
jonathan.hardwick says:
This seems to be a general limitation in RTM. That is, a smartlist can only return EITHER completed tasks OR incomplete tasks, but not both at the same time. If you try to make a smartlist return both, then RTM will just show the incomplete tasks. (Or at least, it always has in the cases I've tried).

I can see how this limitation fits in with their UI, which lets you toggle between two views of each list: "x completed" or "y incomplete". Allowing a smartlist to return both completed and incomplete tasks at the same time would break this UI.

Like you, I wish it weren't the case!
Posted 10 years ago
andrew.burgess says:
Thanks; that's too bad, but at least there's a (somewhat) good reason behind it.
Posted 10 years ago
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