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Gmail and Your Web Clip

theonestep4 says:
Well if your a "reminder" freak like me it maybe be helpful seeing your todo list scrolling by on your Gmail. Using Gmail's Web Clip feature you can see your todo list and I will show you how in only 10 easy steps!!!!!!!!

Step 1.) Log on to your Gmail account (Or set one up if you haven't :P)

Step 2.) Go to your Settings (It's the link that's highlighted in the top right corner of that bar, near the 'Sign Out' Button)

Step3.) Go to the Web Clips Tab (that out to be simple enough, aye?)

Step 4.) Go to your 'Remember the Milk' account

Step 5.) Go to your tasks

Step 6.) Click on the 'list' tab (it should be already on there)

Step 7.) Click on 'Atom' and copy the URL it leads it you to

Step 8.) Go back to your gmail account and on the Web Clip tab paste the URL you just copied into the box titled: 'Search by topic or URL'

Step 9. Click search and add the feed once it is found.

Step 10. Go to your ' Inbox' to check it out and enjoi :þ

*by the way you may have to click the arrows to get to your events if you already have other feeds there*
Posted at 9:36am on August 23, 2008
maseratij says:
Bummer it looked so easy. The link generated by RTM is not delivering a web clip feed that Gmail can recognize. I use Google Reader so when I click on Atom I get the add to Reader page, with the link above the two choices of Reader or iGoogle. I have used 1- Copy Link Location, 2- Highlighted, copied and pasted, 3- Clicked on link and Copy and Pasted,4- Right Clicked selected properties and Copy and Pasted link provided. No luck Gmail reports "No feed was found at the URL you provided."
Posted 10 years ago
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