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Tickler file

ericjray says:

Are there any good ways to set up a tickler file or
periodic reminder in RTM (or otherwise, for that
matter) so that the pending events DO NOT appear
until it's time?

E.g., I have a recurring event to take out the trash each
Wednesday evening. I'd rather not even see that show up
until Wednesday, rather than seeing 2 upcoming events
in the interface when I cannot do anything about them.

Redo, an old app on the Palm, did exactly this. I miss it.

Lots of things in the 43 folders tickler file would be great to
add to RTM, but only if I don't see them until I'm ready
to see them.

Is there something I'm missing? Ideas?
Posted at 9:38pm on August 11, 2008
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Redo was great. I miss it also.

What most people two is one of two things - they either wail and plead for the RTM team to include a start date/hide until feature, or they use smartlists that exclude things in the future. [Some use very clever filters to control what future events appear with very fine controls.]

I encourage you to make your thoughts known with the start date crowd and then start learning about smartlists, because RTM is a great app, but things here do not change quickly.
Posted 10 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
This method works well for me:
Posted 10 years ago
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