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It would seem that MilkSync is just broken

soulhuntre says:
Items on my lists are showing up in the wrong categories, and may are not showing up at all. I do have sync all lists as the option, but it sure isn't working that way.

Hopefully this is a transient issue :) Since you guys have no direct Outlook sync the WM Milksync is really the only thing keeping RTM in the running for our team.
Posted at 7:42pm on August 8, 2008
arvid says:
Hi Soulhuntre,

did you already try the following?

You can use the "Reset Sync" option to delete all tasks stored on your BlackBerry and replace them with a fresh copy of the tasks in your Remember The Milk account. This option provides an easy way to recover from synchronization issues. To use this option:

1. Open MilkSync by selecting the MilkSync icon on the Applications screen.
2. Press the menu key to open the menu, and choose Options.
3. On the Options screen, press the menu key to open the menu, and choose Reset Sync.

Let me know whether this worked for you.

Posted 10 years ago
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