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Long hyperlinks in notes

hendrik.achenbach says:

I've just created a new task that should remind me a couple of weeks before my birthday to tell someone to give me a certain book as a present (you know, people keep asking what they could give you, so you better be prepared ...)

Anyway, I've added a note to this task that simply contains a link to this book at amazon. The link, as it is amazon style, is rather long:

RTM converts it to a working hyperlink in the note (which is fantastic), but in terms of the UI, it does not work so well. The link breaks out of the Notes box and disappears on the right hand side of the browser windows (which gets an ugly horizontal scrollbar). I wish I could attach a screenshot to this topic, that would make it more clear ...

I am using Firefox 1.0.7 on Kubuntu Linux 5.10.

Posted at 7:54pm on January 14, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for the report -- we're looking into the options for hiding long URLs.
Posted 11 years ago
zikes says:
Perhaps turning the link text into something like "[link]" as some message boards do.
Posted 11 years ago
montgoss says:
I second this little annoyance...
Posted 11 years ago
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