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why does Search only show status:incomplete results...

westofpecos says:
...when status:any is selected?

I only get status:incomplete hits when I leave the default (ie status:any), yet I can find the missing hits by specifying status:completed in the query.

What am I doing wrong? or - bug?

Many thanks in advance,

Posted at 7:48am on August 8, 2008
nekodojo says:
I don't think status:any means anything... you would probably have to do something like "(status:incomplete or status:completed) and (name:whatever)"
Posted 10 years ago
arvid says:
Hi westofpecos,

try using the advance search options and make sure you use the same options as listed here.

status:any is not a valid search option. You can make an advance search by using status:completed and status:incomplete together.
The search would be: "status:completed OR status:incomplete"
Then in the list-tab on the right, you can click on: completed which will show you all completed items.

Showing completed and uncompleted items in one list, doesn't really help, therefore, they are not shown together.


Posted 10 years ago
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