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How do I duplicate a list

pauln says:
Can anyone tell me what's the easiest method of duplicating a list?

I do know there is a duplicate task feature but what I'm looking for is to make one master list and duplicate it with different project names.

for instance I have 8 projects that have the same tasks (about 400 tasks) and I would love it if I could just create one List then duplicate the list and all I would have to do is change the name of the list.

Please let me know if you have any idea how i could possibly do this.

Thanks in advance!
Posted at 7:26pm on August 7, 2008
apgordon says:
Hmm, not sure I understand. Can you just go to settings, create "master list," and "master list 2" then select all the tasks from your 8 projects, move them into Master List. In Master List, select all, More actions, duplicate. Then while all the tasks are still selected, move them to master list 2. You can repeat this process for as many lists as you want.

Is this what you're trying to do?
Posted 10 years ago
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