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syncing with Outlook

(closed account) says:
Could someone please explain how I sync my RTM tasks with Outlook. Thank you
Posted at 4:17am on August 6, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi picturetaker,

We don't offer an Outlook sync product, sorry.

There's a third party application that does Outlook sync with RTM, just in case this helps.
Posted 9 years ago
omairsarwar says:
+1 for Outlook Sync. Don't think I will be paying for a Pro account until this key feature is in place.

I like the RTM service but I think the sync feature puts ToodleDo above RTM for any work Windows/Outlook user.

Not saying that this is a simple task to implement but as someone who invests in businesses would hypothesize that this would have a huge payoff for RTM.

Rem that majority of the ppl who might be interested in a task management tool are in the workforce, majority of the ppl that are in the workforce use Outlook and that same majority probably own a smartphone.

Offering them the ability to integrate their handheld, web & work comp would be a great way to attract what I believe should be RTMs focus market.

Thoughts & comments welcome.
Posted 9 years ago
jimb0 says:
I agree with the above comment.
Posted 9 years ago
dwparker96 says:
I agree with the above comment as well and if there were outlook sync with RTM I would upgrade today to Pro to get the iPhone sync as well.
Posted 9 years ago
rielmanriquez says:
Why do you want to synch to Outlook?

I have a 10-person company and I'm considering dumping Outlook and our Exchange Server for Google plus RTM on Firefox.

My company does use the email, task and calendar features in Outlook and it will be hard to get them away from it, but RTM implements them all better and it appears that they handle Outlook tasks and calendar events elegantly. Outlook is also much slower, which makes a difference with us because we handle over 100 emails per day.

The other benefit is that I don't have to support the hardware and network infrastructure for my Exchange Server. This is a big savings.

We all use smartphones too, but that is supported as well as what we currently have.

I need to keep testing to see if this is feasable for us. I'm interested in other opinons as well.
Posted 9 years ago
rielmanriquez says:
...or to put the question differently, if you are using Outlook 2007, why not just use the Task and To Do features in Outlook instead of RTM?

I have been doing just that and they work great except that they are just too slow now compared to Gmail+RTM.

Converting emails to tasks easily is a major issue because you need that feature to clean busy Inboxes quickly. Outlook does this ok, just a bit slow compared to Gmail+RTM which is instantaneous.

Also, I use Outlook webmail and my smartphone version to go faster, but then I can't clean my inbox because I can't categorize.
Posted 9 years ago
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