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Email to Gmail/hotmail/etc when i recive a new task

slitar says:
I was just wondering if there is a function that could send me a mail to my gmail account when i recive a new task in my rtm-inbox?

Would really appritiate some answers, thanks :)
Posted at 8:34am on July 30, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi slitar,

Not currently, sorry. :(
Posted 10 years ago
hemo says:
That was to bad!
I never check my inbox in RTM, so I shure would hope this issue is solved soon.
Posted 10 years ago
hemo says:
Any news on this?
Posted 10 years ago
arvid says:
Hi hemo,

new feature requests are noted down by the development team and as soon as priorities allow it, they will develop the new feature and make sure it can be deployed. Unfortunate we can't provide any timelines on when a new feature is introduced.


Posted 10 years ago
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