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Another RTM, Gmail, Firefox Fix for disappearing task pane

huntsterunc says:
I was had trouble with my Task Pane disappearing altogether. I tried everything under the sun in the Forums. This seemed to happen on all 3 of my computers just after one of the last updates.

So, if you taskpane has disappeared, look to the right side of the gmail pane.

There should be a small arrow there (or triangle) and it's pointing to the left.

Click it and then you'll feel really silly like I did!!

Hope it helps.

Posted at 12:09am on July 18, 2008
josue says:
I reinstalled the add-on for Gmail but still no arrow nor anything in right gmail pane. i have latest version.
Posted 10 years ago
lesliecaplan says:
Josh - look carefully. I couldn't find the arrow at first. It's very subtle. It's halfway down the page, nestled against the right side.

Do either of you know how to get that Taskpane to appear on the google calendar page?

Posted 10 years ago
huntsterunc says:
Yea...the arrow is a sneaky little booger...kinda like a NINJA!

As for the task pane on the calendar...can't help there. I do know there are some addons that can slap your calendar on the gmail page tho!
Posted 10 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes! I feel silly, but relieved that I can find my task list again :-).
Posted 10 years ago
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