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ical, Blackberry - worried about duplication of data!

julian.standen says:
I am to-do crazy..

So how can Remember The Milk help me?

I use to do's on (macbook air / leopard) via ical and mail
Blackberry (BB)
Pocket sync

I have RTM installed on my BB (but not the pro upgrade yet for for full functionality, I think my trial timed out from a while ago)

I cant quite get a handle on how this software can help me

I have Mac ical's to do's, Mac Mail's to do's and BB Tasks all synchronized..

How will using RTM help me?

Any ideas?

I am wary of getting into a sync mess or 'hall of mirrors' where my tasks duplicate over and over via rss feeds and copy + repeat each other when syncing...

I am finding BB tasks kinda ugly..

Am I right in thinking RTM will simply provide an elegant 'on line' lay out / planner for my tasks? And will zap them to ical and to my BB?

Should I have BOTH my ical and BB subscribed / synced? Or will this lead to duplication of data?

O just use RTM with my BB? (and let that update ical to do's via Pocket Sync)

So on my laptop I log into RTM right?
On my BB I see that data in the BB tasks or do I log into RTM via the BB browser (what is suggested as best?)

Thanks for any overviews on this..!!

My task mania leads me into all sorts of confusion, I really appreciate it
Posted at 11:22pm on July 12, 2008
julian.standen says:
OK I tried it and DID get doubles of todo's I think I have things figured out.. But I have a new question I will make that a new post..
Posted 10 years ago
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