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Postponing tasks doesn't "stick" when switching tabs

nbr says:

I just ran into an odd bug. In the "Tasks" view, I was looking at one of my task lists which contained some overdue tasks (I know, I know). I clicked the link to select all overdue tasks, then clicked "postpone" to change the due date for all of them to today, then clicked "postpone" again to change the due date to tomorrow.

Then, when I clicked on the "Overview" link, everthing looked fine.

Then, I returned to the "Tasks" view, and the due dates had all reverted to their original dates. I repeated this process. I also found that my postponements were undone when switching from tab to tab. In other words, if I postponed tasks in the "Work" tab, then clicked on the "Personal" tab, then returned to the "Work" tab, the due dates had all reverted back.

Thanks for a great service - am finding it incredibly useful.

Posted at 4:33am on January 12, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
I'm having trouble reproducing this issue -- is there any chance that you could email us at [old address removed] with the list name and an example of a task that was having this problem? We can look into this and see what happened to the task.

Posted 11 years ago
nbr says:
No problem, will do.

Posted 11 years ago
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